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To know your client is to succeed, whether you’re selling insurance or selling apples. Rule number one in the business world is to figure out exactly who your target audience is, what they want, and how to give it to them. To best adhere to this rule, it’s a good idea to get some outside help. You’re running a business; you don’t have time to send out surveys, right? Luckily, help exists in abundance, in the form of marketing research companies. Below is a list of what we believe to be the top of the crop, with services ranging from small business to global corporation research assistance.

  • Polaris MR,, 866-217-7014, Full-service Marketing Research. Successfully providing quality service since 1989, Polaris offers premier survey programs for customer satisfaction and loyalty, brand research, and new product development research.
  • TNS Global,, 212-991-6194, Global Marketing Research. TNS is a custom market research company organized around its clients’ industry sectors. It prides itself on speaking its clients’ language to help them make better business decisions.
  • Experian Simmons,, 212-471-2850, American Marketing Research. Experian Simmons is a leading source of high-quality research and single-source measurement of the brand preferences, lifestyle, attitudes and media usage behaviors of the American consumer.
  • J.D. Power and Associates,, 805-418-8000, Full-service Marketing Research. J.D. Power and Associates is a global marketing information firm that conducts independent and unbiased surveys of customer satisfaction, product quality and buyer behavior.
  • Kelton Research,, 310-479-4040, Business-specific Marketing Research. Kelton Research’s unique methodologies, interviewers and analyses aim to do more than just give you the data: they strive to bring the data to life. This firm is definitely geared toward the most individualized researching possible.
  • Forrester Research,, 617-613-5730, Technology/Marketing Research. Forrester is an independent research company that provides advice to global leaders in business and technology. It works with professionals in 19 key roles at The List major companies providing proprietary research, customer insight, consulting and executive programs.
  • Mintel,, 212-796-5710, Business Marketing Research. Mintel is an award-winning provider of worldleading market intelligence, delivering information, analysis and critical recommendations. Its portfolio of proprietary industry solutions has been supporting high-profile clients in key sectors such as financial services, media, retail and leisure.
  • Nielsen,, Consumer Goods, Media, Telecom Marketing Research. The Nielsen team believes that providing clients a precise understanding of the consumer is the key to making the right decisions. Nielsen is always innovating to keep pace with emerging market trends and the increasingly diverse, demanding and connected consumer.
  • Talk of the Town,, 877-498- 6405, Small-business Reputation Management Research. Talk of the Town is part of Celebration Media, a marketing, research and publishing company that provides much-needed feedback to help companies gain the winning edge that attracts new business. It posts the results of thousands of hours of surveying the most widely used user-review websites to determine a rating system for customer satisfaction, all at no charge to the business owner.
  • Customer Care News,, Customer/Client Relations Research. was created to shed light on high achievers in the area of customer satisfaction and customer care. The publication covers the leading industry providers of education and resources, which are vital to assisting companies in improving their customer satisfaction scores.