Omni-Channel and Workforce Optimization in Telemarketing Call Centers


The rise of omni-channel and workforce optimization in telemarketing call centers

With technological advancements and the influx of modern communication channels, the communication gap between people has ended in a dramatic manner. Today, the meteoric growth of mobile apps and smart phones has changed the face of modern business and the way consumers conduct business with an enterprise. Modern customers can easily get in touch with businesses anywhere, anytime thanks to the multi-channel environment that make things quite easy for customers to get access to businesses. Remember: An omni-channel experience conveniently enhances the customer journey and serves as a differentiator in order to make customers feel happy and satisfied and give business enterprises an edge.   

Omni-channel is known for rendering customers a consistent, high-quality experience. It is a great tool to get connected regardless of how and where customers choose to interact. Moreover, omni-channel can make a real difference for the following:

  • To ensure that data and context from initial contact carries over to subsequent channels
  • To reduce customer effort
  • To improve the customer interaction
  • To enable the business to improve the customer journey

That is why call centers need to be equipped with modern communication tools and techniques that make a better interaction and allow customers to get connected to the contact centers 24/7.

Like the omni-channel environment, workforce optimization can also be a great differentiator. It is nothing but the call center workforce that makes things happen and gives customers what they want and expect. As call centers are becoming the “face” of the organization, the responsibility of the workforce becomes more important. Being the first touch-point for the customer, the call center workforce has a significant impact on customers’ perception of your business. They are also the mainstay of any call center and generally account for two-thirds of the operational costs. That is why call centers of all sizes and type need to put their focus on a well implemented workforce optimization (WFO) program that not only brings down cost-to-serve but also effectively improves overall productivity. 

To lead the market and offer customers their choice output, telemarketing call centers need to increase their focus on customer experience as it will allow them to reduce costs, time to market and gain prominence in the least amount of time. 

If you are an outsourcing company and want to hire the best call center that can make a real difference to your business, then you must go for a leading name that prefers workforce optimization and multi-channel environment in order to exceed all expectations.

Robb Auber is the CEO of Teleiman LLC, a telemarketing call center company in Ohio. He can be reached via